Why You Need to Choose the Top Travel Counsellors?

Travel agent jobs

Is it your first time to travel and searching for the best destination to spend your holiday vacation or were you having a bad experience from your previous travel? Your experience can either offer you good or bad trips. To save you from agony and to experience a stress free travel, seeking the help of the top travel counsellors is a nice idea.

Below are some of the reasons why you need the help of the top travel agents:

Aptitude to Provide Authentic Information

Travel agents have earned programs in travel and tourism courses as well as attaining vast experiences in the travel industry. They are the best persons to advice you regarding various travel destinations ideal for vacation or business trips. They can also provide detailed explanation about the local cultures, traditions, tourist spots, people and value of currency of the destination a client wished to visit. Basically, these professionals have travel experiences that enable them to provide good information. A perfect vacation or business strip can be gained because they are capable of recommending the best place for your preference and needs read more here!

Able to Provide the Best Travel Options and Tour Packages

Customers’ needs vary, thus it is important to seek a travel agent which could offer solution to the different needs of clients. Depending on the preference and needs of clients, a good travel counsellor must be able to offer the best travel options and tour packages. An option or package that works on one client may not be applicable to another. A travel agent must have in depth knowledge regarding the needs of its clients.

Example, a couple with children may wish to visit destinations where their kids could enjoy, on the contrary you may offer a different option to a group of businessmen who wishes to hold a travel trip abroad. Knowing your clients’ needs could provide them with maximum benefits that enable them to enjoy their holiday vacation or corporate trip.

Saving Time and Money

Choosing the right destination, good hotel accommodation, reasonable airfare or cruise ship can save customers from spending more money and time. People nowadays will never spend more than what is necessary or appropriate. If you travel counsellors have picked a wrong booking or reservation, this will result to fines or penalties which will be imposed on the customers. Also, changing of dates, flight or hotel room or cabin is indeed a great waste of time. Choosing a good travel agent can save your travel experience from troubles and difficulties.see the site:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/leisure/11140285/Travel-Counsellors-to-gain-cash-boost-from-Equistone.html

Knowledgeable About Clients’ Safety and Security

Safety during travel is the most important consideration that travel counsellors should take into consideration. A travel agent should answer queries or provide recommendations regarding safety measures of customers during their travel. Also, they should be knowledgeable whether the preferred destination of clients is safe to travel or not. They should provide updated information about the destination on issues like weather conditions, threat of terrorism or political strife. All these factors may change from time to time, thus travel agents should provide customers with up to date information.

Product Knowledge

Continuing education is very crucial to travel agents. This will back them up with greater knowledge regarding the latest trend in the travel and tourism industry. Through proper trainings and skills, they should be experts to offer clients with latest product options and pricing.

People who wish to travel would turn on to travel agents for information about airfares, hotel accommodations, etc. Having a narrow scope regarding travel products and pricing will enable you to convince more clients and will go back again to you on their next trip due to good experiences.

Travel agent jobs

Travel counsellors should be experts in their field. They must be able to provide authentic and reliable information, assistance and guidance to travel customers. People are investing time, money and effort to travel and expect to gain memorable experiences. Help these individuals to make their ultimate travel into a reality by offering them the best travel package and options.

The top travel agents who can offer great deals to their customers can succeed faster in their career because they are sure to attract new clients while retaining the old ones.

What are Travel Counsellors?

Travel Counsellors

Are you planning to spend a holiday getaway by traveling abroad or domestic destinations? Make your travel experience simply amazing and hassle free with the help of travel counsellors. These professionals play a significant role for an easy, comfortable and convenient trip. You don’t have to worry about bookings and reservations. They will do the job for you. They have proficient knowledge to provide advices regarding destinations and attractions most suited to your budget and needs. Additionally, they are experienced to explain about the local culture, tradition, language and customs of the place their clients wish to visit.

These individuals are basically employed in tourism firms, travel agencies or hotel chains who are trained to provide travel assistance through friendly and prompt services. Likewise, they have the necessary qualifications required to carry out their profession efficiently. If you wanted to make things organized during your tour, it is very convenient to seek the help of these professionals.

Travel Counsellors and the Importance of Their Functions

Creating plans for a scheduled travel may sound challenging especially when you are to visit a certain place for the first time. One of the most difficult tasks is to book for a flight tickets or hotel reservations. With the aid of travel counsellors, you will be given appropriate travel packages and tour options just right for you. They can receive payment and process the bookings and reservations depending on the options or packages you have chosen.

Having your own travel counsellor will definitely offer you with exciting perks. Imagine visiting a particular area for the first time. Of course, you are new to their local customs and culture. One of the most difficult things to deal with is the language barrier. Your travel agent will orient you regarding the place where you decided to visit. Important things that you need to know will be explained including the dos and don’ts. Moreover, you will be assisted in having informed decisions about your trip.

If you have questions, doubts or unsure decisions, your travel agent can guide and help you on the things you wish to know. Since a travel counsellor knows better than anyone else regarding tours and travel, you will know dazzling and fantastic places which you think never existed. Depending on your interests and needs, you can enjoy your travel experience in a place which could offer you the best of your holiday vacation.

Tour packages and destinations will be arranged by travel counsellors to make your trip very remarkable. Either you are traveling with family, friends or a couple, there is definitely the best package and options for your preferences. Transportations, campsites, routes and other things will be guided accordingly by having your own travel agent. They will serve as your guide to assist on your needs and help you understand about the things regarding your travel.read more from:http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/hotel-cancels-prepaid-christmas-reservations-homeless-people

Opting for a Certified Travel Counsellor

If you have decided to have your own travel counsellor, make sure that you are seeking the services of a certified one. It is important to secure the services of a certified travel agent from a reputable agency or firm to maximize your travel benefits. Being a licensed professional, you can guarantee that your needs are securely attended. This will also make your travel very worthwhile because the plans are made organized as well as not a waste of money.

Travel Counsellors

There are a huge number of travel agents from recognized companies or agencies. Having one who is certified will make the travel process and plans easy for you. Before you seek their services, make sure that they are licensed and have the necessary experience and expertise to provide you with guidance and assistance. Having the right decisions on your scheduled travel will offer you the best experiences. Life should be full of exciting memories and with the right travel agent, you cans secure the best out from it. Plans for your travel don’t have to be luxurious to make it enjoyable, you just need to choose the right person to assist your travel needs,visit this source now!

For your ultimate holiday trip, consult the best travel counsellors and experience a unique and enjoyable travel getaway. They are just around the corners waiting for your call.

Top 7 Travel Counsellor Schools in Canada

Travel Counsellor Schools

Having earned a travel degree or diploma in Canada could offer you exciting benefits and prepare yourself for great endeavors. As the number of people who loves to travel around the world is significantly increasing, there is likewise a substantial demand for certified travel counsellors. There is indeed a good future in joining the travel and tourism industry and helping travel dreams of other people turn into reality.

Choosing the best travel counsellor schools in Canada can provide everything you need to know in exploring the world of travel and tourism industry. You are given concrete trainings and studies to learn about various travel destinations as well as the proper ways in assisting clients for a stress-free vacation. Start your studies now by selecting the top travel counsellor schools in Canada listed below:

Canadian Tourism College

For over 30 years, this learning institution is one of prestigious colleges in Canada situated in Vancouver and Surrey that offers quality travel and tourism education and trainings. Proficient and knowledgeable professionals are teaching students to equip them with the necessary learnings they need for travel and tourism careers in the future. Two types of learnings for entry level are offered: specialized courses that help students to expand their skills in various areas like small tour group leadership, selling of vacation and tour packages as well as cruise market among others or the office or home based trainings for travel professionals. This institution likewise focuses in preparing students to attain the necessary skills and professionalism desired by tourism and travel employers.visit us now!

Medicine Hat College

Located at Medicine Hat in Alberta, this public community college provides program and training for those who wanted to become a certified travel counsellor. This institution for travel and tourism students has been providing a great alternative in the traditional education which motivated many students for several decades now. Their training and program structures are designed by travel experts to prepare students for their careers in the future.

Algonquin Careers Academy

Provides online trainings and courses which are accredited and recognized, you can study the necessary learnings in various travel techniques right at the comforts of your own home. They are as well providing quality and unique programs which will ready students to succeed in travel and tourism industry. Their education programs are certified to have produced thousands of successful professionals in travel and tourism careers.

Humber College

The online program gives emphasis in preparing individuals for better employment in the travel industry through providing them with the required skills and learnings in becoming competent and certified travel counsellors. This also allows students to complete the training or course program designed for their convenience and own schedule. This institution is based in Toronto.

Vancouver Central College

Programs, trainings and courses to be certified in your travel profession are designed for students’ needs. As the trend in tourism, travel and hospitality industry has been drastically changing, this institution focuses on how to prepare students to adopt in these changes. Specific skills and trainings in the field of travel and tourism are given emphasis in the program offered. Graduates are guaranteed for immediate employment in hotels, travel agencies or tourism development fields.check it from http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2014/12/12/through_the_eyes_of_a_cas_frontline_worker.html

Metropolitan College of Travel Industry Training, Inc.

As a recognized college in Hamilton, Ontario, the programs offered are approved by Ontario Ministry of education. Financial aid is extended to students through scholarship program. Individualized attention is focused to a small size classroom which could guarantee students to keep motivated. Also, the programs offered are recognized by the ministry and government.

Cape Breton Business College

Travel Counsellor Schools

This college is one of the most reputable educational institutions in Canada which is based in Nova Scotia. The programs offered are career oriented which equip students with the latest techniques on travel and tourism. Graduates are given better job opportunities through the assistance of their job placement department.

If you wish to achieve a promising career as a certified travel counsellor that will offer you handful benefits, now is the right time to enroll in one of the top travel and tourism schools in Canada. Not only you will provide information sources to clients and assist them in their travel needs but you will also have higher chances to enjoy exploring various destinations around the world.

Top 7 Travel Agent Blogs

Travel Agent

For many people spending a vacation trip is a way of relaxation while some travel for corporate or business purposes. Whatever objective you wanted to achieve, allow an expert travel consultant to assist your travel needs. Travel agents are very knowledgeable in providing the right information and advices about travel.

Travel agents who have seen the world and visited many places on earth are also writing down and taking notes about their travel. Below are some of the most popular blogs from travel counsellors which could help clients pick up the best destination for them. As travel consultant who has seen the world and written their travel experiences, you might as well get inspired.

The Quirky Traveler Blogs

This is a compilation of different articles regarding the best places in the world. Many travelers have contributed blogs and articles relative to their travel experiences. Readers will likely to enjoy fascinating places as well as knowing the diverse cultures, exotic foods and local people. Everything interesting, unusual and extraordinary about travel are being revealed.learn more info at http://www.travelagentcentral.com/cruises/avoya-travel-wins-celebrity-cruises-2014-chairmans-award-49639

Mallory on Travel

This offers endless stories of travel experiences and reminiscent photography of various travel sites across the globe. Travel adventures are being shared here with stories of exciting travel tours meeting places one never knew have existed and capturing every wonderful moment. Not only you will enjoy travel stories and photography but you will learn various tips on how to get the most from your experiences.

Bald Hiker

Learn about the world’s diverse foods, animals and nature. All these discoveries are made through exploring and traveling the globe. Started as a personal blog written by Paul Steel from his travel experiences, these stories later have grown popular. The travel stories of the author and his friends are personal views about how they see the world their way, visited tranquil beaches, welcoming accommodations, sumptuous foods as well as perfect places for adventure like hiking and other fun-filled activities.

Inside the Travel Lab

All articles tell about stories of the author regarding the exploration in the unusual journeys. These are all travel stories in seeing the world from different eyes. Appreciating the real beauty of various destinations doesn’t come expected; one should explore the unusual journeys to discover something new and amazing. The author who left her profession as hospital doctor and became a freelance writer and photography has written all blogs about her travel adventure that will inspire everyone.

Smith Travel Blog

This is a luxury travel blog by Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They are passionate to offer readers with the best boutique and luxury hotels as perfect venues for a romantic holiday. Travel blogs are also providing insider tips about traveling the world as well as outstanding travel options, excellent destinations and adventurous hunting expeditions.

A Lady in London

Al blogs are written by an expat Californian and travel consultant who is living in London and have travelled almost 100 countries across the globe and still counting. Travel blogs about various destinations she have visited as well as captivating photography are all featured. Some of the blogs and articles likewise offer travel recommendations and tips.

Global Grasshopper

If you are looking for the best blogs about travel tips and inspiration, you can try this one. These are all blogs from the duo, Becky and Gray. The provide help for independent travelers through writing stories about their experiences on the beautiful places on earth. They also offer subscription so that people who have passionate to travel can find ideas, guides, photography, tips and inspiration about travel.

Travel Agent

Writers for travel blogs are expert on their fields. They have expressed their passion in traveling through their blogs and wanted to inspire others too. Their blogs have become gateways that provide helpful ideas to individuals who wish to travel. Their tips, guides and recommendations are very useful in helping other people discover the best destinations along with letting them understand the cultures, customs, traditions, foods and people from other lands, go to this website here for more information!

They develop their blogs from true experiences in traveling the world and hoping that their blogs could help other people. Their experiences are best ways to inspire people not only the dream to travel but how to make it into reality. Subscribe stories from a travel consultant blog and will sure to learn many things about travel.

Job Opportunities for Certified Travel Counsellors

Travel agency

Are you passionate about travel and wanted to be a part of a challenging-filled career? Find a job in the travel and tourism industry and experience a unique adventure that provides long-lasting security. If you think you have all what it takes to be on the list of top certified travel counsellors, you have chosen the right career path. Even with the advent of the internet nowadays, this career is never feared to suffer any downfall.continue reading here!

There are great job opportunities waiting for travel agents out there. The substantial number of people traveling everyday has pushed this career to grow in higher demands as well. Every individual who wish to travel would search the services of an expert travel counsellor to assist in picking up the right destination, hotel reservations, airline ticket bookings and the like. Clients would also want to learn about useful information about the place they plan to visit where only a knowledgeable travel agent can make them understand.

After earning the necessary requirements, a person who wishes to join the pool of certified travel counsellors may find employment in the travel and tourism industry, to wit:

  • Corporate travel agent
  • Airline ticketing agent
  • Adventure tour organizer
  • Leisure travel agent
  • Reservations agent
  • Airline guest services agent
  • Wedding planning

Likewise, with a secondary diploma or much better with related college diploma and after certification from Institute of Travel Counsellors, there is a big possibility for a professional to get a good salary in the following employment areas:

  • Wholesale tour companies
  • Travel agencies
  • Corporate tourism offices
  • Transportation and Tourism firms
  • Hotel chains

A travel agent could also find employment at home. They can run their own business with the technical support from main franchise. Working at home gives them a freedom to handle their own time and schedule. Expert travel agents can also open their own travel agencies and operate their own business.

Travel agents in the future can also find possible career paths:

  • Travel agency owner/operator
  • Senior Travel Counsellor
  • Travel Agency Manager

After gaining years of experience and expertise in the travel and tourism industry, certified travel counsellors can widen their possibility of achieving good positions in the firm or agency they are employed. With a number of travel agents retiring, there are chances for new and deserving employees to grab the vacated position.

Travel agents play a crucial role in travel and tourism industry. They possess vast knowledge in promoting the tourism industry of a certain place as well as provide great recommendations to clients regarding travel products, tour packages and options. In the future, the occupational growth of this career is expected to rise higher. Professionals in the travel industry can attain advancement in the industry depending on the size of the company and ability of the travel agent towards sales and initiatives.read latest news at http://verkeersbureaus.info/nieuws/2014/12/15/55629-travel-counsellors-aanwezig-bij-de-masters-lxry/

There are also factors affecting the occupational outlook of this career, including;

  • Growth in employment with the creation of new positions in a certain agency resulting to job openings
  • Location and size of the company
  • Growth on work opportunities with people retiring or vacating their positions

Travel agency

Job opportunities come to those who are persistent, qualified and possess the necessary skills to become a travel agent. The set of qualifications and requirements needed may vary from one employer to another. Though certification from the travel industry is not required by some employers, there are also some employers who would require their employees to be certified. Travel professionals who are new to their jobs and inexperienced are assigned in clerical positions in certain travel and tourism firms with in-service trainings in order to gain experience. The length of experience can equip travel agents to be expert sin their field. Experience in the job coupled with performance and initiative matters most in aspiring for a better career path in the industry.

With the latest demands for travel products and needs, certified travel counsellors are sure to retain a stable career in the future. The occupational opportunity of this profession is expected to gain average growth which means that more travel agents can find themselves positioned in the travel and tourism industry. You don’t have to venture for a new career, join the travel and tourism industry so you may experience a career that gives you full time satisfaction!

How to Get the Most from Your Vacation

travel expert advices

You have decided to take a trip but doubts are playing in your mind. There is so much to prepare like transportation, accommodation, safety and up to date information about the destination you wish to travel. Everything must be placed into proper planning to make the most from your vacation or else you will end up exhausted and frustrated. You don’t have to worry about gaining bad experiences from your travel. Seek the help of an expert travel consultant and you are on your way to an enjoyable vacation getaway by check this post.

Travel experts know more information than what the internet can offer.

They can build lasting relationship with you in which the internet cannot do. Their real life travel experiences can provide outstanding information and the knowledge they have acquired from years of experience can build possibilities in making your dream vacation into a one of a kind moment.

Below are some of the tips why you need a travel expert to get the most from your vacation:

Offers Tour Packages and Travel Options depending on Your Budget and Needs

If you wanted to enjoy your travel, you must be truthful to tell your travel consultant how much you can afford for a trip. A good travel agent will provide recommendations on the best packages and options suited to your budget. From a small budget travel package to luxurious options, your travel agent knows the best deal. It is important not to be hesitant how much you can spend for your vacation, see(http://www.14news.com/story/27655671/travel-expert-visits-henderson-co).

Advices About the Needed Travel Documents and the Things Needed Before you Leave

Before you left for your vacation, travel expert advices their clients about the required travel documents including passports, visa and other documents that may be required in the country or destination you wish to visit. They provide information about the health safety of their clients. Depending on the activity their clients chose, they offer appropriate recommendations. The type of clothing that you should pack is also a very important reminder that travel agents are providing their clients. They also offer suggestions what time of the year is busiest and the dates you should avoid in visiting the desired location. Remember that travel professionals often communicate with the travel community, thus providing people with the latest information about transportation, accommodation, travel documents and other travel needs.

Helping You Understand the Location You are Interested to Visit
A good travel consultant can advise you about the local customs and traditions of the place you are interested in going to. As countries laws and regulations differ, your travel agent can help you of a quick rundown about the things and acts you need to be aware of.

Transportation service is also one of the most important things that you need to consider. Your travel expert can map out various directions and arrange your transportation needs for a safe travel. Getting lost or being arrested due to breaking of their laws and acts against their customs is really a hassle and a great time waster.

All About the Ins and Outs

travel expert advices

When traveling, you are going to a place away from home and everything in there is different from your homeland. Things aren’t easy to adjust. With the help of your travel agent, you can get things properly because they are very knowledgeable about the things to be done and the places you should be avoiding. They can prepare you a list of things perfect for your adventure activities and places you should be careful of like stiff cliffs, deep seas with sharks or dark caves with the presence of wild animals. Appropriate dress code is also required in some places, thus your travel agent can help you figure out the proper attire you should wear. Foods and specialties likewise differ from one place to another. Your travel expert can help you with the local foods you love to eat or not.

There are so many important things that your travel consultant can provide you. From food, transportation, safety measures, dress code, local customs, traditions and laws, your travel expert has everything to explain. Before you arrange a flight on the place you are interested to travel, contact a travel expert so that you can enjoy and get the most from your vacation experience!

How Much Money Do Travel Counsellors Earn?


For aspirants to become travel counsellors, you are never wrong in choosing this career path. This is one of the most promising jobs in the industry that offers lucrative salary. These professionals are described as individuals who help other people on their tour packages, travel destinations as well as arranging trips, airfares and hotel accommodations and receiving payments. They also assist clients regarding travel documents needed in a certain destination. Given their duties, personal or business trips are made more comfortable and convenient.

Salary for Entry-level Positions

An approximate statistics shows that almost 90% of travel counsellors are employed at travel agencies, tourism firms or hotel chains while 10% are self-employed. Salary of these professionals basically starts at $30,000 to $41,400 or a median hourly wage of almost $16.71 for positions in the entry-level. They should have good organizational and research skills to advise clients everything about they need to know on the desired travel destination. They should also have earned travel and tourism programs to be qualified which generally range for two years in community base colleges while six months for private career colleges.

Salary for Experienced and Knowledgeable Travel Counsellors

Travel agents who are good at sales, knowledgeable and experienced can earn an income of more than $100,000 per year. Some of them have earned a four-year program from travel and tourism universities which provide them concrete knowledge and trainings about the industry. Most income of these travel professionals depend on their potential to attract sales and setting goals on the income level they want. You will be learning to become more independent for higher income potential which solely depends on your intelligence and skills to handle clients. There is an on-going process in the education of these individuals by earning specialization in various areas. Usually, agents on specialized fields can earn more.

Commissions and Other Benefits

Most of travel agents earn a 10% commission from airfare reservations to hotel accommodations. Fortunately, agents can earn unlimited commission which are controlled by them alone. Some companies have in-house system that allows agents to alter margins leading to a full control of their commission rates. This will also adjust their earning per bookings of clients which means the more reservations especially on holidays is the more earnings they gain. Likewise, they are also given privileged and benefits like travel discounts on airfares, hotels and cruise ships.

Earn Income Your Way

Being a travel agent, you are given freedom to work on your own at your convenience. You have a complete flexibility to work depending on your own schedule. Through this career that you can spend time and commitment to your family while earning income for them. As long as you the aptitude for selling and work under pressure if needed, you are on your way to gain more income potential.check more info here!

Good Job Opportunity

New travel agents are given more opportunity to have a stable employment and good source of income as more and more agents are retiring. Also, as certified travel counsellors, all are given chances to earn as much as they want with demands in the field on the average age between 50-55 years old.

Are There Challenges that Impede the Income of Travel Counsellors?


People nowadays turn to the internet for sources of information they need regarding travel as well as made their bookings online. On one hand, this cannot freeze the pay and income of travel counsellors. With a great number of people traveling everyday that needs convenient and stress free ways to travel, income of these professionals will never be at stake. People are still relying on the knowledge and skills of travel agents as well as a great aid from time consuming bookings and reservations. There are some who may turn on the internet for research on travel destinations but at the end seeks the help of travel agents for final bookings.read latest news(http://www.dw.de/tourism-should-contribute-to-a-communitys-development/a-17910421)

The slow economic growth, terrorism or the value of the recent currency may affect the salary and income of travel counsellors but not directly affect pay freeze. There is a growing number of people who wish to travel either for relaxation or business purposes, leading to the ongoing demands of professionals in the field of travel and tourism industry.

How Do You Become a Certified Travel Counsellor?

The travel industry these past few years has gained tremendous popularity due to the rising demands of people for a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend holidays. Accordingly, a certified travel counsellor is one of the most sought after careers in this arena. This has become a promising job in the travel and tourism agencies which is a great aid for clients who love to travel.

With millions of individuals who are travelling each year, this career is projected to be more in demand in the near future. Being a travel counsellor is not only a promising career for many professionals but offers them a lucrative salary. If you wanted to a part of this growing career, there are several set of qualifications and requirements that one needs to comply.

The Ways to become a Certified Travel Counsellor

Like any other jobs, the travel and tourism industry likewise requires a pool of certified travel counsellor. To be able to join the team, one must complete the following qualifications:

1. Education Requirement

An applicant must have earned a high school diploma or GED. It is also better that applicants have attended at least a two-year program in travel and tourism which is offered in several colleges. Preferably, an applicant in order to gain adequate preparation about the job is to earn a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism industry. Students under these studies are trained and prepared on principles regarding travel and tourism. Likewise, part of their classes is actual field experiences working on local or foreign hotels or restaurants. Included in the studies are the leisure and recreation classes, human resource management, marketing and convention planning as well as hotel management. Acquiring in this type of degree allows the applicant to have adequate background and readiness on the actual job.

2. Certification Requirement

Travel industry organization such as the Travel Institute provides travel counsellors with certification. Through the certified travel associate program that trainings and certifications are offered. Under this program core courses are offered including business writing, special interest on travel, customer service and touring the world. To be qualified to undertake the CTA program, a candidate must have earned at least 18 months experience on any licensed travel industry. There are two options to secure the CTA credential: (1) taking of test which is highly recommended to applicants who have longer years of experience in travel industry; and (2) to accomplish the eight core courses and pass the test. After successfully complied either of the two option, an applicant can be awarded with CTA credential. Recertification is required to those who have successfully earned their CTA credential.

3. Certified Travel Counsellor (CTC)

Anyone who wishes to become a certified travel counsellor (CTA) must have earned a CTA credential and a full time travel industry experience of at least five (5) years. A CTC curriculum is likewise required to be completed by an applicant which includes management, finance and business courses. An examination is also given in which an applicant should pass as well as completing a 2,000 to 3,000 white paper in which the topic focuses on travel and tourism industry. Travel counsellors once certified should recertify every year.

Travel agents basically may work either for corporate employment or independent travel agencies. Included in their scheme of work is informing clients regarding the necessary travel papers and warnings as well as current exchange rates. Organizing travel arrangements are also done by a travel agent specifically from a large company. The information that these professionals provide clients who are traveling abroad or in domestic locations is very crucial.

travel and tourism

If you are interested in this kind of career, it is very possible to join the group of travel counsellors. As long as you have the necessary qualifications, you can take one step closer to the achievement of your career. Remember that it is very important to have a specific travel and tourism studies to be more qualified. Coursework, trainings and exams achieved before being a certified travel counsellor cannot be earned overnight; you need to work it out. Once certified, you are now one leap forward in achieving perks including salaries and benefits that each travel agent enjoys!

Education Required to Become a Certified Travel Counsellor


Earning a degree and completing the travel and tourism program is the best way to enjoy the benefits of certified travel counsellors. Having an educational background in the field of travel and tourism can prepare individuals to become proficient in their careers. Some companies may require high school diploma and completion of other coursework and requirements to become a travel agent but in order to stay competitive in this type of industry, you must gain a much higher education, check this link!

Travel counsellors generally help other people in their travel needs such as introducing the best destination explaining everything about local customs, traditions and language, required travel documents as well as hotel reservations and airfares bookings. To be able to carry out all these functions effectively, one has to undergo trainings and programs which could ready them for such responsibilities. They should be knowledgeable about the latest techniques and technologies in the ever changing trend in tourism and travel industry.

A person having earned complete program and trainings needed to become a travel agent is more favorable to enter the industry with good salary. The education can condition an individual in its employment opportunity providing organizational and marketing skills, destination planning as well as travel and tourism management. Employers often hire aspirants who possess all the required skills and knowledge.
If you have the passion to travel and aspire to join the pool of certified travel counsellors, you must comply with the education requirement and other qualification standards:http://manilastandardtoday.com/2015/01/13/agency-upgrades-processing-of-travel-documents/

Educational Requirements

A high school diploma or its equivalent is needed to apply for a travel agent or counsellor. Though this qualification may be a jumpstart in the travel and tourism industry, most employers prefer those applicants who have formal trainings and completed travel programs or courses. Most of these programs are offered in industry recognized universities or community colleges that usually range on a length of six months to two years. Anyone who has a bachelor’s or masteral degree can also find employment in this industry.

Certification and Trainings

Most countries require travel counsellors to be registered. Through a travel agency organization, travel professionals can earn a certification. There is an on-going education for travel agents who are already in the industry and earned long years of experience. Course trainings and programs may vary depending on the college or university you are attending. Some may offer 6-8 weeks travel trainings while a comprehensive study is offered ranging to six months or two years. Once completed, an individual need to pass the curriculum exam. After which, the certification can be earned and need to be recertify every year.


Certified travel counsellors can widen their knowledge and skills through specialization. There are number of accredited universities and colleges which offer this type of program. The program basically range for a length of two years with emphasis in developing individual skills on tourism geography, marketing, negotiation, business selling and computer reservation. Travel counsellors may choose their area of specialization such leisure or vacation travel or business travel as well as in product areas like group travel, incentive travel or cruises. Some educational institutions also offer online study to complete the program.

Travel agents should possess important skills in communication, sales and marketing, numeracy and computer skills do their jobs effectively. Having an educational background in travel and tourism courses or programs can prepare you for employment in the industry. Most hotel firms, travel agencies and corporate tourism and travel sectors are looking for travel agents who are well-travelled and have experiences in domestic or international travel to provide personalized assistance to their clients.


Their education and job-training are plus points during their application process. Professionals who work-related careers or have experiences in this type of industry can get along with people’s travel needs very well. Additionally, these professionals should have an access to the latest pricing and rates on tour and travel packages, hotel accommodations and airfare tickets, thus it is important that they are prepared to possess computer skills. It is important that you have gained more credentials everything about the travel and tourism industry to attain exciting perks in this career.

If you wish to enjoy the benefits of being one of the certified travel counsellors, complete your education requirement now.

10 Most Influential Travel Agents in Canada

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How to choose the Best and most Influential Travel Agents in Canada?

Are you searching for best online Canada travel agencies, and don’t know exactly where to start? Then don’t worry you have several choices to choose on the web for influential travel agents in Canada, which is actually both good and also bad. Why it is good, because you have a lot of options and bad because you don’t know what to choose, it can be very confusing.

That is why we are here to help you to make your travel planning waft away easily. Our best Travel counselors can help you plan your trip in a most convenient way. We reviewed and complied, 10 most famous online travel agencies in Canada to give you some idea about their best features.

1. Ambassador Travel: Ambassador Travel agency offers you the best vacation packages to Canada. This particular site offers city specific vacation deals, which are available in very less price, but it does not mean you have to compromise in getting best package deals. The company assures the travelers to provide the best vacation that they can ever forget.

2. Beat My Quote: Beat My Quote offers the world’s best deals among the entire Canada online travel site. This travel agency has the most amazing deal that even established companies are not able to offer. This agency is considered as one of the competitors in online travel agencies has raised the bar in providing quality services in very affordable ways. You can find the packages that are lower than their quote, check out travel us now!

3. Bel Air Travel: It is one of the most popular and pioneer Travel Agents in Canada. It is their first company website launched in 1995. It is also one of the best and strong competitor that is available online and helping people find the reasonable package deals to Canada to make their vacation a successful one. Bel Air Travel also obtains Customer Choice Award for Business Excellence.

4. CanadaTravels: CanadaTravels is placed in B.C. and it is an affiliate to GIANTS network group of travel agents. The company offers best deals and packages to Canada.

5. Canuck Abroad: You many find several online Travel agencies in Canadian travel industry, but you may not found one as Canuck Abroad, because it is quite different than other agencies. This online agency helps you plan your vacation in a convenient way. It just not only helps the traveler go on their holiday but also gives them the best experience by offering amazing package deal to the travelers who are traveling to Canada.

6. Cheapflights: It is an international air-ticket booking and travel agency site which is very famous in Canada market. This particular site offers best package deals and helps you buy cheapest air-tickets possible.

7. Expedia Canada: Microsoft owns this company, Expedia is one of the largest and oldest travel agency websites where you can find best package deal to Canada. You can directly book hotels, event tickets, theme parks and shows.

8. Fly For Less: BTS Ltd (Butter Travel Service) runs Fly for less that has been providing the best service since 1960. And the company has been providing online services throughout Canada since 1995. The travel agency offers best and convenient deals to Canada.read latest from http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-ideas/lonely-planet-releases-its-list-of-the-26-new-experiences-you-need-to-do-this-year/story-fnjpj945-1227183145976

9. Gala Travels: This agency is established in Toronto, Canada. Gala Travels is operated and owned by a family since 1979. Since then they are providing the best and reputable services in Canada. They are associated with ACTA and TICO and they have been providing the best package offers to all travelers.

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10. Marlin Travel: It is one of the biggest retail travel chain in Canada. They offer you several ideas and package deals and plenty of travel information to travelers. You can visit their agency in person or you can book online to obtain a wide range of travel packages at a very competitive price.

Conclusion: These are some of the best online travel agencies that have been serving travelers to reach their destination. These agencies are offering exclusive promotional offers and encouraging travelers to spend quality time at Canada with the best package offers at good value. Our Travel Counselors can suggest more options and help you get better package deals within your budget limits. Plan a Vacation to Canada and make memorable moments.